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“After my mother's passing from Covid. I found myself feeling very sad & just felt desperate, like someone had turned off the light inside me. I came across The Grief Recovery Method online. Due to various commitments I was unable to attend these sessions in person and we had zoom calls. It was obvious from the beginning that to really benefit from the grief recovery that I had to be really honest about my grief. Some sessions were very emotionally tough but gradually I started to feel the light coming back in. While we never forget our loved ones. The grief recovery method has helped me remember mammy with more love than pain. Séamus was always very professional, non-judgemental, respectful and his kindness really resonated with me. I highly recommend Séamus as a grief recovery coach and will be forever grateful for his help.”
Kildare, Ireland
“I really enjoyed working with Séamus. He has helped me view my world from an entirely new vantage point. He introduced me to techniques which were easy to follow and immediately effective. If you wish to make positive changes to your life I highly recommend his services.”
Portlaoise, Ireland
“Seamus was so incredibly helpful and really eased things for me so I could come to terms with my loss so much more.
I would highly recommended him!“
Northampton, United Kingdom
“I worked with Seamus after the loss of my daughter Ruth to suicide late last year. The work was profoundly and subtly life changing. Seamus was empathetic and highly compassionate. I worked on other unknown losses also. This work is profoundly healing and I can't recommend Seamus highly enough. Working with him was healing on the most profound level possible.“
Cork, Ireland
" Highly recommend. Please do try."
Maura grief recovery coaching Ireland
Galway, Ireland
“Talking to Sèamus is such a heart warming experience because he takes time to listen to you, then gives you feedback that enables you to see things from another point of view. This leaves you feeling less overwhelmed than when you were before you met him. Thank you for your support really appreciate your support.“
Eva grief coach
London, United Kingdom
" I found the Grief Recovery Programme very healing and helpful in coping with my daughter’s death. Séamus is a great listener and is very compassionate and sympathetic. I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with significant loss."
grief coach
Wicklow, Ireland
" Supportive, open, and encouraging are three words I can use to describe the professional relationship you could develop with Seamus Walsh. Seamus has a natural warmth in abundance and an ability to put grieving people quickly at ease. I commend him to you if you are experiencing the pain of grief and loss."
Salford, United Kingdom