A Heart-Centre Way to Healing

Grief Recovery Coaching

Grief Recovery Coaching is a unique and yet highly effective 7-Step Program based on the Grief Recovery Method®.

The Grief Recovery Method was created in the 1980s by grievers for grievers. And over the past 40 years has been continuously refined. And is today the only evidence-based grief support program in the world proven to help you recover from the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by loss of any kind. 

At Grief Recovery Coaching Ireland, we specialise in supporting person’s who have endured the life-changing and heart-breaking experience of losing a parent or grandparents.

And helping; people who have suffered the loss of a husband, wife or partner due to death or divorce.

Imagine a light, compassionate, and heartfelt approach. When you go through the grief recovery method and begin understanding how the program works. You will gradually recognise subtle and affirmative changes in yourself, guiding you towards a better tomorrow.

This discovery to recovery journey helps reconcile how you think, feel, communicate, and behave due to the loss you have suffered. Identify those feelings that have kept you from healing naturally, gaining closure, or moving life forward.

By its very nature, grief is our inward thought and emotional response to bereavement or loss. And as such, we must first heal on the inside before our world heals on the outside.

 Grief Recovery is a journey, and I will be by your side each step of the way. As you effectively process the pain of grief naturally.

My Story


My name is Séamus Walsh, and I am a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist and Master Practitioner of NLP.

Before becoming a grief recovery coach in 2020. I worked for over 2 decades in the Construction Industry throughout Ireland, UK and Europe.

Often, things happen in life when we least expect them, which causes us to change course. It can change how we think about and see ourselves.

This was my experience as 16 year old me when my Dad died in 2004. it made me feel as if I was alone and that my voice no longer counted.

grief recovery coaching

Then in 2019, having struggled with unresolved grief for many years. I began my search for a way to help myself. Make sense of my grief to try and bring understanding to the brain fog and my emotional confusion.

In early 2020, I completed my training as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist. Through this training I realised that acting like the voice of my grief didn’t matter couldn’t have be further from the truth!

Not only does your voice absolutely matter, but so do you! After all, without you, we don’t have your voice.

So, whatever you do today, remember you matter. Your voice matters and putting your voice to your grief really matters to your healing.


Hear more about my Grief Recovery Journey with Author, NLP Trainer & Radio Host Danielle Serpico of Dublin City FM Radio Mind Matters Show.